AdMob Mediation

Get the maximum out of your apps by integrating with AdFalcon and AdMob Ad Network Mediation to get the best fill rates and eCPMs.

AdFalcon is always on the lookout to make sure developers and publishers are getting the maximum out of their apps. By integrating AdFalcon and AdMob’s SDKs into your apps you are guaranteed the best fill rates and eCPMs.

AdMob gives you the freedom to connect to multiple ad networks and control your allocation through their tools. Using multiple networks aids you in assessing which network is giving you optimal results and which has high eCPM which will maximize your fill rate and revenue accordingly.


  1. An valid AdFalcon App/Site ID for AdFalcon app. The status of the app in AdFalcon should be “Active”. Otherwise, AdFalcon will not return ads.
  2. A valid AdMob Ad unit ID for AdMob app.
  3. For iOS: AdFalcon iOS SDK v4.0.0 or above.
  4. For Android: AdFalcon Android SDK v4.0.2 or above.


Configure AdMob Mediation to Use AdFalcon

1) Open AdMob website

2) Click on the “Monetize” tab.

3) From the left pane under “All apps”, select the app you plan to integrate with AdFalcon.


4) After selecting the app, you will see a table listing the ad units of the app as below:


5) Under the “Mediation” column, click on the sources’ link for the selected ad unit, the Mediation page will be displayed as below:


6) Click on “New ad network” button, a new page called “New ad networks” will be displayed as below:


7) From the left pane under “Available ad networks”, select “AdFalcon”.

Afterwards, AdFalcon’s form will be displayed in the right pane as below:


8) fill your App/Site ID and optionally Ad network optimization info, then click on “Continue” to save your changes. You can obtain the API Client ID and API Key by contacting

9) After the mediation settings were saved successfully, AdFalcon ads will start running via the mediation in few hours.

SDK Integration Steps

Android integration’s steps

iOS integration’s steps