Android Rewarded Video Ads

This section describes how to integrate with the AdFalcon’s Android SDK in order to consume the services available by the network. Integration Steps We recommend you to load the rewarded video ad in the Application class of your App. that will help you to pre-load the Ad and show the ad when you need. in order to integrate with the SDK, please perform the following steps: Implement ADFRewardedVideoAdListener (Optional but recommended) To know if the user deserves the rewarded items or not, you have to implement the ADFRewardedVideoAdListener to listen to onRewarded listener’s method; this methods will inform the developer when the user becomes deserving of the rewarded item. To implement the ADFRewardedVideoAdListener, you should import the classes and the listener of ADFRewardedVideoAd then implement the listener to your class as the code snippet below Create and load Rewaded video Ad Create a new instance of ADFRewardedVideoAd, then set the listener to the instance. After that request a new ad

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Apple Worldwide Developers Conference San Jose, CA, June 4–8

San Jose, CA, June 4–8 When technology connects with creativity, incredible ideas come to life. This summer, we invite thousands of talented minds from around the world to join us and turn their ideas into reality. Sessions Immerse yourself in over 100 technical and design-focused sessions presented by Apple engineers to help you build the next generation of apps using newly announced Apple technologies. Hands-On Labs Get in-depth details on how to implement new features, directly from the engineers who helped build the latest advances in Apple platforms. Receive guidance on the fundamentals, suggestions for coding issues, and more. Consultations Make an appointment to take your apps to the next level with one-on-one guidance from experts on user interface design, accessibility, app review, marketing, analytics, app distribution, and more. Get-Togethers Engage in motivating conversations around key topics with fellow developers and Apple experts. Meet new people, consider different ideas, and encourage each other to reach new heights. Guest Speakers Explore a variety

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AdFalcon SDK Update – Ad Viewability Measurements

AdFalcon has released a new update for Android (version 4.1.0) and iOS SDK (version 4.2.0) that implements Ad Viewability metrics. What is ad viewability? Ad Viewability is an increasingly recognized and desired online digital advertising measurement used to measure ‘how visible’ is the advertisement on websites or mobile applications. i.e. ad viewability tracks only impressions that can actually be seen by the user. Benefits of Ad Viewability for Publishers? Ad viewability is a useful measurement for advertisers to see the value of the publisher’s inventory. By understanding the types of impressions that get the highest viewability rates, publisher can distinguish their inventory and make it more lucrative for advertisers. Advertisers will pay more for high quality inventory with high viewability rates making publishers earn even higher revenue.